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Employees Posting Material or Comments that Adversely Affect Agency
3/5/12 Lou Reiter

Lawyers Presence at a Physical Line-Up
8/18/10 Brian S. Batterton, J.D.

Warrantless Searches of Automobile Computer "Black Box"
5/25/10 Brian S. Batterton, J.D.

Warrantless Searches of Automobiles Based on Probable Cause
3/31/10 Brian S. Batterton, J.D.

Profanity and the Use of Force
2/24/10 Brian S. Batterton, J.D.

Jurisdiction in "4th Class City"
2/10/10 Brian S. Batterton, J.D.

Teacher's use of force with fire extinguisher
2/2/10 Brian S. Batterton, J.D.

Can Pointing a gun be considered a use of force?
1/27/10 Jack Ryan, J.D.

Garrity, Civilian Review Boards, and forcing officer's to testify
10/21/09 Lou Reiter

Suspect injured while fleeing ~ Is Agency responsible for medical bills?
9/16/09 Brian S. Batterton, J.D.

Opening of locked containers on impound inventories
8/27/09 Brian S. Batterton, J.D.

Off-Duty Carry by Reserve Officers
7/29/09 Jack Ryan, J.D.

"Free and Voluntary consent" to search residence by suspect under arrest
5/13/09 Brian S. Batterton, J.D.

Agency and Personal liability in failure to provide shooting training
5/7/09 Jack Ryan, J.D.

Court order or search warrant requirements for GPS tracking on vehicles for on-going surveillance
10/29/08 Brian S. Batterton, J.D.

Open-ended policy on weapons carry
9/24/08 Brian S. Batterton, J.D.

8Officers stopping officers - "Courtesy Rides"
9/11/0 Brian S. Batterton, J.D.

Garrity Warning or Waiver on application for municipal employment
9/4/08 Brian S. Batterton, J.D.

Police Officer Involved in shooting prior to qualifying with duty weapon
8/21/08 Brian S. Batterton, J.D.

Consent Revocation
8/14/08 Brian S. Batterton, J.D.

Providing Police Reports to the media
8/7/08 Brian S. Batterton, J.D.

Warrantless entry and arrest from controlled felony purchase of narcotics
7/23/08 Brian S. Batterton, J.D.

Involuntary Transport to Station for Identification
7/16/08 Jack Ryan, J.D.

Agency Liability for escaped suspect, formally in custody
6/25/08 Brian S. Batterton, J.D.

8Reasonable suspicion to pursue and detain based on unprovoked flight
6/11/0 Brian S. Batterton, J.D.

Legal Aspects in using Thermal Imaging by Law Enforcement
6/5/08 Brian S. Batterton, J.D.

Criminal Tresspass
5/20/08 Brian S. Batterton, J.D.

Strip Searching Confidential Informants
5/14/08 Brian S. Batterton, J.D.

Off-Duty Carry for Corrections Officers
5/7/08 Brian S. Batterton, J.D.

Photographs as evidence and chain of custody
4/16/08 Brian S. Batterton, J.D.

Private land owner ordering an Officer off of their premesis?
4/16/08 Brian S. Batterton, J.D.

Questioning a passenger during a traffic stop
4/10/08 Jack Ryan, J.D.

Liability in Before and After School Programs
5/5/08 Brian S. Batterton, J.D.

8Bingo Hunting and Privacy Interests in License Plate
2/20/0 Jack Ryan, J.D.

Shift Level Counseling
2/13/08 Lou Reiter

Using Dog Sniff's for Probable Cause to Obtain Search Warrant.
2/6/08 Jack Ryan, J.D.

Garrity application with EMS
1/23/08 Lou Reiter / Jack Ryan J.D.

Officer Cell Phone records
1/16/08 Lou Reiter

Automobile search based only on smell of marijuana
1/9/08 Brian S. Batterton, J.D.

Break in Custody
12/18/07 S. Batterton, J.D.

Truant Officer Questioning Student - at request of Superintendent
12/5/07 Jack Ryan, J.D.

Dorm Room Searches. Response at
11/21/07 Jack Ryan, J.D.

Directing a Sniper to Terminate a Threat
11/14/07 Jim Desmarais

failure to train in rudimentary Spanish?
11/7/07 Brian S. Batterton, J.D.

Questioning Students and Parent Notifications
10/31/07 Brian S. Batterton, J.D.

Separate Crimes, Same Miranda - Follow up on Sept. 19, 2007 Legal Question
10/24/07 Brian S. Batterton, J.D.

Untruthful or Purposefully Misleading Information on Warrant Request
10/17/07 Brian S. Batterton, J.D.

Arrest Warrants & Home Entry
10/10/07 Brian S. Batterton, J.D.

Conflicting City and State Law
10/3/07 Brian S. Batterton, J.D.

Reasonable expectation of privacy in information provided to hotel/motel (3rd Party)
9/26/07 Brian S. Batterton, J.D.

9/19/07"Fruits of the Poisonous Tree" - A Miranda Example
Jack Ryan, J.D.

Dismissed Case Based on Unlawful Entry
9/12/07 Brian S. Batterton, J.D.

Consensual Encounters - DUI Checks
9/5/07 Brian S. Batterton, J.D.

Releasing Mug Shots to the Media
8/30/07 Jack Ryan, J.D.

Joint Liability in Multi-Agency Operations
8/22/07 Jack Ryan, J.D.

Miranda after confession given during non-custody interview
8/15/07 Jack Ryan, J.D.

no-Knock clause in search warrant's
8/8/07 Jack Ryan, J.D.

In-Custody Deaths and Excited Delirium
8/1/07 Jack Ryan, J.D.

Court requirements for police training on EDP's
7/18/07 Jack Ryan, J.D.

Responding to an Open House Party...
7/11/07 Jack Ryan, J.D.

Officer with search warrant gets door shut in face... OK to enter?
6/27/07 Jack Ryan, J.D.

Miranda and Detention during Search Warrant Execution
6/21/07 Jack Ryan, J.D.

Creating a Use of Force Report
6/13/07 Jack Ryan, J.D.

Failure to Protect
6/6/07 Jack Ryan, J.D.

Interviewing/Interrogating Students On Campus
5/30/07 Jack Ryan, J.D.

Probable Cause, and taking a person to police stations
5/23/07 Jack Ryan, J.D.

Vehicle Search Consent
5/16/07 Jack Ryan, J.D.

Need for search warrant for vehicle towed to private lot.
5/2/07 Jack Ryan, J.D.

Reasonable expectation of privacy in information supplied to a third party
5/2/07 Jack Ryan, J.D.

First Appearence Hearings & the 48/72 Hour Window - City & Officer Liability
4/25/07 Jack Ryan, J.D.

Citizen Complaint Recordings
4/18/07 Jack Ryan, J.D.

Hiring and the Probationary Period
4/18/07 Jack Ryan, J.D.

Permission to search during stop & Robinette decision
4/11/07 Jack Ryan, J.D.



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